Speaker Wall Plate 7.1 Surround Sound Distribution – 3-Gang (CM#508-N)

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Speaker Wall Plate 7.1 Surround Sound Distribution – 3-Gang (CM#508-N)

Speaker Wall Plate For 7.1 Surround Sound Distribution – 3 Gang

All of your family and friends have come over to “ooh and ahh” over your brand new, top-of-the-line, 7.1 digital surround sound home theater or digital audio system. They’re giving you appropriate compliments on your choice of components, the location and positioning of the speakers, the way everything blends in perfectly with the décor and furnishings, and of course, the incredible sound that your system produces.

What they’re not mentioning, though, is how amateurish the installation appears: cables run all over the room or hanging out from the wall, messy terminations and connections – it’s as if James Bond showed up in a Monte Carlo casino wearing a suit from Sears.

When you’ve spent the money and time to put in your high-quality audio/video system, you want it to look like a professional installed it even if you did all of the work yourself. One way to do that is with neat, clean and beautiful wall plates for all of the connections required for a 7.1 digital surround sound installation. Our Cmple speaker distribution wall plate can provide that finishing touch to make your home theater look as impressive as it sounds.

This white wall plate has 3 gangs with eight separate pairs of binding posts. The first gang has paired stereo posts for the front left, rear left and surround left speakers; the third gang has paired stereo posts for the front right, rear right and surround right speakers; and the middle gang has paired stereo posts for the front center and rear center speakers, along with a pair of RCA jacks for the system’s subwoofers. It looks like a professional made it, because that’s exactly who did: the professionals at Cmple.

These wall distribution plates are easy to terminate both front and back, designed not just for media installation professionals but for the do-it-yourselfers who may be doing audio cable runs and connections for the first time ever. The connections are clearly labeled for each of the cables which will screw onto the binding posts, so there’s no chance of any “what goes where” confusion. And the plate easily installs into a standard NEMA 3-gang box, so there’s no need to jury-rig anything; simply attach the connectors to the front and back, pop the plate into the 3-gang box, install the box into the wall – and you’ve got a sophisticated-looking, professional home theater speaker cable solution.

Taking a closer look at the specs for the Cmple 3-gang speaker wall plate for 7.1 surround sound distribution:

  • Includes 3-gang white plate with 8-pair binding posts
  • Allocates 8 pair of the binding posts with 3 pair for the left side, 3 pair for the right side, and 2 pair for the center
  • Includes 2 RCA jacks for subwoofers
  • Installs in a standard NEMA 3-gang box

Chances are good that you’ve spent well over a thousand dollars for all of the high-quality components in your home theater or audio surround sound system. What’s the point of just running cables any which way or having wires poking out from the walls, when a gorgeous, professional-looking distribution wall plate for your speaker system costs well under 20 bucks from SG?