Single-Gang HDMI Wall Plate With Composite A/V 3-RCA Jacks (CM#432-N)

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Single-Gang HDMI Wall Plate With Composite A/V 3-RCA Jacks (CM#432-N)

HDMI Wall Plate With Composite Video/Audio 3-RCA Jacks

The best plans….well, you know the rest. When you’re wiring up a gorgeous home theater and running the cables through your walls, your first temptation will be to install the connectors you think you’ll need for the equipment you currently have.

But what happens when you upgrade or change your equipment? You’ve got a wall connection that’s no longer usable – and have to run more cable or, at the very least, change out wall plates.

And what happens if you add a component to your system and need to connect it to a destination across the room but haven’t planned in advance? Or need to send composite video or A/V signals from a newly-installed cable box, satellite or other component from across the room to your TV? There you are again, running more cable and installing new wall plates.

Those types of problems aren’t problems when you’ve planned in advance by using our Cmple HDMI wall plates with composite video/audio 3-RCA jacks. Instead of just running cable for a composite video connection or running it for an HDMI connection, you can run both at the same time, attach them to our combination HDMI and composite wall plate, and you’ll have the flexibility you may need when you least expect it.

Replacing an older TV with a new HDTV with HDMI outputs? You’ve already got the wires and connectors installed. The HDMI output jack on your current TV fails? You can just switch to “plan B” and use the composite cable and jacks. Or, you have two different video sources, one HDMI and one composite, which need to terminate in the same location? We’ve got you covered.

The Cmple HDMI wall plate with composite A/V 3-RCA jacks is lovingly designed and manufactured for superb quality. All of the jacks are gold-plated for perfect connections without noise. The rear of the plate has the same jacks as on the front, so you never have to mess around with bare leads to make quick connections. The plate fits into standard j-boxes or p-rings so there’s no muss and no fuss installing it into the wall. The HDMI jack is fully compatible with both HDMI 1.3 and earlier versions, and the 3-RCA jacks are color-coded (yellow, red and white) so there’s no confusion when making connections. The plate is an attractive white but it’s Decora-style, so it’s easily swapped out for one which will match a different décor.

The entire package gives your home theater a professional appearance, without messy cables lying around or hand-cut holes in your wall with cables sticking out of them. Add in the convenience of having the connectors you may need in the future already installed, and it’s a winner.

Key specs of the Cmple HDMI wall plate with composite video/audio 3-RCA jacks:

  • HDMI 1.3 compatible
  • Gold-plated HDMI and three color-coded (yellow, red, white) composite video or A/V RCA female connectors
  • Single-gang wall plate
  • Fits into a standard single-gang junction box or p-ring
  • Attractive Decora-style wall plate
  • Color: White

The  HDMI and composite wall plate is the kind of accessory you usually don’t think about ahead of time – but you should.