Platinum Tools 100035C EZ-RJ45 CAT5e Strain Relief - 50 Piece

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Platinum Tools 100035C EZ-RJ45 CAT5e Strain Relief - 50 Piece

EZ-RJ45® Cat5e Strain Relief, 50 Piece

The innovative Snag Proof Strain Relief is designed specifically to be crimped with the EZ-RJ45 Cat5e. The primary strain relief of the plug locks the snag proof strain relief in place so they will not pull off, creating one, integral assembly. Once crimped, this design allows the plug's primary strain relief to relax slightly, preventing the cable pairs from being over compressed. This decrease in stress contributes to achieving peak performance. The tab on the strain relief is designed to extend over the plug's locking tab, making it snag proof when administering patch cords.

  • Prolong patch cord life
  • Maintain bend radiuses required for standards compliance
  • Terminations have a professional finished look
  • No more snags or hang ups, causing tangled messes
  • Easier to unlock the connector when unplugging from jack/port
  • UL and RoHS compliant
  • Max cable OD 0.260"
  • Made in the USA
  • NOTE: Not compatible with standard modular plugs.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Remember to slide you EZ-RJ45 Strain Relief onto the cable before you start your prep
  • For best results, use crimp tools for single cycle crimp & trim.

An SG Installations product equals well made, which is why we sell only the finest brands. Platinum Tools is one the best US-based manufacturers of Network accessories, and we are proud to be their authorized dealer. 

Platinum Tools is a manufacturer in Ventura County, California. Since 1997, it has specialized in the creation of outstanding products to make perfect installation and termination of wire and cable simple. From tools like crimpers and strippers, to patch panels and cable management systems – and even the bags in which they can be carried – Platinum Tools has been a go-to supplier for industry professionals.
One of the qualities that sets the company apart is its focus on producing the best products in the most efficient manner possible. This means Platinum Tools is able to design functional and solid wiring and cabling solutions which are as good as those of its competitors, but often priced much lower.
Good examples are the Platinum Tools lines of RJ12/11 and RJ45 connectors, which are so different than other connectors on the market that their design has been patented. Installers can insert wires right through the connectors and out the front end, so they can verify that the wires are properly placed before they’re terminated.