Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount One Shelf (CM#1081-N)

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Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount One Shelf (CM#1081-N)

Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount (One Shelf, Max 17.6 Pounds)

There’s one major problem that’s common when you have a home system with lots of components: where do you put them all? Stacking them isn’t a good idea because that doesn’t leave enough room for ventilation, causing units to overheat and electronics to burn. Multi-shelf storage units take up a lot of room, and still may not have enough space for all of your components. Putting electronics all around the room requires lots of messy cabling or expensive cable runs through walls. And the “putting them on the floor” approach only works well if you’re in a college dorm or a first apartment.

The real solution is to hang shelves for the components, so they’re all in close proximity. Unfortunately, hanging shelves can be a difficult and expensive project. That’s why Cmple’s economy aluminum and tempered glass DVD mounts can be a life-saver. These attractive, lightweight shelves are easily attached to the wall and can hold a good amount of weight, nearly 18 pounds – more than enough for a DVD or BluRay player, a cable or satellite box, speakers, a decent-sized audio amplifier, or anything else you need to complete your home theater system.

When we say the shelf is attractive, we mean it. It’s made of black, tempered glass that’s just under 15 inches wide and just over 11 inches deep, yet less than ¼ inch thick. The back pillar is made of aluminum that’s light and easy to attach to almost any wall; it is only about eight-and-a-half inches tall and three inches wide, so it won’t stand out behind the component the shelf is holding. Even better, it has a number of slots so that the shelf is adjustable, letting you position your component at just the right height. A finishing touch is that cable management is included with the shelf, so the wires don’t leave a messy footprint.

It is important to note that there is a maximum weight which the shelf can hold: 17.6 pounds (or 8 kg). Placing any component (or combination of components) on the shelf which weighs more than that is strongly discouraged and could result in damage to the shelf, the components or anything below them.

This Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount is available with one, two or three shelves as well.

Here’s a look at the complete specifications of the Cmple Economy Aluminum and Tempered Glass DVD Mount:

  • DVD bracket for audio/video component
  • One black tempered glass shelf included
  • Glass measurements: width: 14.96 inches, depth: 11.02 inches, thickness: 0.20 inches
  • Back pillar measurements: height: 8.66 inches, width: 3.14 inches, depth 0.78 inches
  • Supports audio/video components weighing up to 17.6 pounds (8 kg)
  • Cable management included
  • Shelf height adjustable, multiple height options
  • RoHS compliant
  • Installation instructions included
  • Color: Black

Bulky wooden shelves can be attractive, but difficult to mount; they also often call attention to themselves and the components sitting on them, instead of the more attractive furnishings in the room. And if you decide to re-arrange the room, they present a real obstacle. The Cmple aluminum and tempered glass mount is attractive but unobtrusive, does the job easily and inexpensively, and the perfect solution to a “component space” problem.