Cat6 Bulk Ethernet/LAN Cable 23AWG CCA 550MHz 1000 Feet Red

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Cat6 Bulk Ethernet/LAN Cable 23AWG CCA 550MHz 1000 Feet Red

Cat6 550 MHz Bulk Ethernet LAN Network Cable - 1000 Feet, Red

Highest-quality and inexpensive: that’s a great combination for Ethernet cabling. And it describes what you get with SG Installations Cat6 bulk Ethernet LAN network cable, because this product has high-end specs for about half the price of most 1000 foot Cat6 cable that you’ll find anywhere else.

How is that possible? By using copper-clad aluminum for the four twisted pairs inside the cable, instead of the much more expensive pure copper found in higher-priced products. This bulk cabling provides the same bandwidth and speed found in any other Cat6 cable and has the same sturdy PVC jacket; the only trade-off for the low price is that it’s not optimal for runs where the cabling has to be bent or maneuvered to fit into tight spots, since aluminum is fairly brittle and can break easily. As long as cable flexibility isn’t a major issue for your installation, this bulk cabling should do everything you need it to do without breaking the bank.

So, what exactly does it do? It provides the most bandwidth of any modern-era Ethernet cabling, 550 MHz, while easily handling the data transfer speeds necessary for gigabit networks. You don’t lose data integrity either; because it’s Category 6 cable, it has been constructed to provide maximum protection against all types of electrical interference and crosstalk issues (including NEXT and AXT) meaning a minimum of packet loss and a maximum of quality throughput.

This bulk Cat6 cable will do a great job when used for long-run wiring in home or small office LAN networks, and it’s a terrific choice for carrying audio or video signals in A/V production environments, home theaters and the like. It makes sense to go with Category 6 cable whether you’re replacing older cabling or doing a new network installation, because data transfer speeds and bandwidth needs will only increase as time goes on; Cat6 is state-of-the-art and won’t be outdated anytime soon. When you can get it at this price, it’s a steal.

This cable ships in red, but it's available in several other colors as well.

Black,  Grey,  White,  Blue,  Green,  Yellow,  Red,  Orange,  Purple,  Pink

Taking a look at the specifications for the SG Installations Cat6 bulk cable:

  • Connects between Ethernet and network device
  • CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum
  • Can be used to make smaller Cat6 cables
  • Comes in an easy pull box
  • Meets or exceeds Cat6 specifications
  • 4 pair solid twisted Wires
  • 23AWG
  • Length: 1000ft (305m)
  • 550Mhz speed
  • Foot-marked cable
  • Color: Red

Installing the SG Installations bulk Ethernet cable is a snap, as the 1000 feet of cable comes packed in a convenient easy-pull box. That allows you to feed the cabling out easily and with precision, since the entire length of the cable is marked by the foot. It also makes things simple if you want to make your own Cat6 patch cords; all you have to do is measure out the exact length you need and attach RJ-45 connectors.

Occasionally, you have to purchase the most expensive option available because of a job’s specific needs. In this case, if you’re going to have to bend and twist your network cabling in order to make it fit, you’ll probably want to look at 100% copper cable. Otherwise, this SG Installations Cat6 bulk network cable should be everything you could want, at a terrific price.