Cat5e Bulk In-Wall Cable 24AWG Bare Copper 350MHz 1000 Feet White (CM#1300-N)

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Cat5e Bulk In-Wall Cable 24AWG Bare Copper 350MHz 1000 Feet White (CM#1300-N)

Cat5e 350 MHz UTP Bulk Cable 24AWG Bare Copper CMR - 1000 Feet, White

Anyone installing a moderate-to-large scale Ethernet computer network needs cable – a lot of it. That obviously requires buying in bulk, and our SG Installations 350 MHz bulk cable fits the bill perfectly.

This 24-gauge Cat5e conductor cable comes in a convenient pull-out box and is designed to provide high-speed, high-quality data transmission at a terrific price – it’s also ideal for telephone, video or security systems as well. Unlike its “little but older brother” Cat5, Cat5e has higher bandwidth capability up to 350 MHz. And while many think the cable is meant for prolonged data transmission speeds of 100 mbps like the older Cat5 cables, Cat5e can actually handle extended bursts up to a full one gig. Cat5 can’t come close.

The SG Installations Cat5e 350 MHz bulk cable has another major advantage over older style cables: extra twists in the twisted pairs of wires inside the cable provides more shielding, improving its ability to reduce cross-talk (interference) in electrically noisy areas – a particular issue as you get to higher and higher frequency (MHz) levels on your network.

While this cable is suitable for any number of purposes including complex security installations or video systems, it’s perfect for office Ethernet networks. It can be put into walls, in ceilings, or in conduits for runs of any length; and since this bulk cable has easily-distinguishable foot markings as it is pulled out of the box, it’s simple to measure out the exact length you need.

SG Installations 350 MHz bulk cable has high-density polyethylene insulation in the form of a PVC jacket (white for this product), which provides durability and allows the cable to be bent or twisted without any danger of compromising the wires inside. The actual conductor cables are paired, 24 gauge 100% bare copper wire easily providing bandwidth capability up to 350 MHz.

SG Installations Cat5e bulk cable is CMR rated, meaning that it will stop any spread of fire between floors and is perfect for installation in vertical shafts as well as ceilings and walls. It is also ETL verified (ensuring proper bandwidth capabilities), conforms to UL standard 444 for communications cables, and CAN/CSA standard C22.2 number 214. In other words, it’s designed, tested and approved to do exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide exceptional quality data and signal transmission in high-speed Ethernet applications.

This cable ships in white, but it's available in several other colors as well.

Black,  Grey,  White,  Blue,  Green,  Red,  Purple

Here are the specs of this 350 MHz bulk cable:

  • Comes in a pull out, foot marked and easy to use box
  • Cable Length: 1000ft
  • Cable Conductor Material: 100% Bare Copper
  • PVC Jacket
  • 4 Pair Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable
  • CMR rated
  • Cable Performance: 350MHz
  • Cable Gauge: 24AWG
  • Color: White

Whether you’re actively planning for future expansion of your network, or simply realize that faster and more robust Ethernet networks are inevitable, you need high-quality yet affordable Cat5e cable for your installations. SG Installations 350 MHz UTP 24AWG 100% bare copper CMR Rated bulk cable is the perfect choice: durable, flexible, affordable and designed for today’s fast networks transferring large amounts of data at very fast speeds.