Arlington™ LV3 Triple Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket, Old Work

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Arlington™ LV3 Triple Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket, Old Work


Arlington™ LV3 Triple Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket, Old Work

Arlington Industries LV3 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket features shallow mounting depth which allows for more wires to be run in the wall cavities. The shallow mounting depth also works better with reversible wall plates since the box itself is not obstructing the wire passage. Arlington Industries has also designed their retrofit brackets to have a thinner external flange so wall plates sit flatter against the wall.

  • IMPORTANT: For Low Voltage Class 2 Use Only
  • Three Gang Open Back Bracket
  • For Retrofit Applications - Post Construction
  • Run More Wire Easier with Brackets vs Boxes
  • Mounts to Panels, Sheetrock Etc.
  • Impact Resistant Plastic results in less breakage on Job site
  • Easy Flat Sided Wall Panel Cut-Out - No Weird Cut-Out
  • Shallow Mount - Only 0.40" Deep (Not Including Flag Post)
  • Clamps to Walls or Panels - 0.30" to 1.0" Thick
  • Side Wall Thickness - 0.080"
  • Flange Thickness - 0.050" Sticks out less from the wall
  • Panel Cut Out Dimensions - 5.65" W x 3.60" H
  • Overall Dimensions - 6.0" W x 4.25" H x 1.7" Depth (Includes Flag Post)


Recessed, oval-shaped screw holes allow for final shifting and straightening of the device when installed. It even doubles as its own cut-out template! All in all, this bracket installs in less time than steel or plastic mud rings – and costs less, too. Install either vertically or horizontally based on the needs of the old-work application.

Secure Mount

The UL listed LV3 adjusts to fit 1/4" to 1" thick wallboard, paneling, or drywall and holds snug when installing via wings on both top and bottom of the bracket. These specially designed wings flip up for a secure mount when mounting screws (not included) are tightened. The thin lip of the face sits in low profile to the wall for a nearly seamless finish. Also available in 1-Gang, 2-Gang, and 4-Gang models.


Arlington™ has been a leading manufacturer of quality electrical products and fittings since its founding in 1949. The company manufactures products that meet or exceed the changing needs of electrical distributors and contractors, with the vast majority produced in America.