7 Inch Headrest TFT LCD Monitor - Black

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7 Inch Headrest TFT LCD Monitor - Black

7 Inch Headrest TFT LCD Monitor - Black


  • Cautions: For your safety, drivers shouldn't watch monitor or operate the controls while driving.
  • Warning: Check all local, state, and federal laws concerning video monitors in vehicles before installing. Many states have specific laws concerning the position of a monitor in a vehicle. Do no install in position that the driver can watch video while driving for safety reason.
  • Note: When cold the monitor may appear dark, allow time for the vehicle to warm for the monitor to return to normal.


  • 7 inch
  • PAL & NTSC auto-switching
  • Resolution: 480 x R.G.B x 234 dots
  • 2 way video input
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • All function controlled by Remote Control
  • Color: Black